Arcanists FULL Markers Set for M3E

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Full set of markers for Arcanists faction for Malifaux 3e. 
In this set you will find scheme, corpse, scrap markers, conditions, tokens, shockwaves, blasts and specialized markers in required quantity for every keyword from this faction. I

Strategy markers, soulsones and pass tokens is not included! You can add them in the product options.

Full item list:
Scheme Marker. Arcanists x8
Corpse Marker x8
Scrap Marker x12
Shockwave Marker x4
Blast Marker x2
Adversary x3
Burning x12
Distracted x7
Fast x3
Focused x8
Injured x6
Poisoned x7
Shielded x6
Slow x6
Staggered x4
Stunned x3
Adrenaline Token x1
Fate Token x1
Power Token x9
Sin Token x2
Blown Apart Marker x2
Dust Cloud Marker x1
Ice Pillar Marker x8
Pit Trap Marker x1
Pyre Marker x6
Wind Wall Marker x2

Material: double-layered ABS plastic.
Thickness: 1,5 mm

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