Tile Platform 6"

  • Product Code: BF-0002
  • 2.77€

Platform for 6 inches tiles manufactured by LOSBLOCK.

With this platforms you can change the height of an entire gaming table or any of its sectors. Height of the platform (63 mm) is equal to the height of the joints on the modular buildings from CITY 3000 series. Also you can use platfros in half-level variant (31,5 mm). Platforms can be placed one on another.

Important feature is that you can install decorative sidings. Attach to the visible sides of the platforms different walls, ladders, shops or bars. On the each side of the platform are 2 sections for installation.

It is not necessary to glue the platforms. Construction is designed in such way that you can disassemble it in any time and it will save you a lot of storage space.

Size: 152 mm * 152 mm * 63 mm

Material: HDF

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