Payment & Shipping

We ship all over the world! While main EMS website is offline, our shipping autocalculation does not work too. Here the way you can make an order while it is not fixed:

1. Check the table below or e-mail to or text us in facebook page the weight of your order (you can find it in the cart) and the destination country and we will tell you the shipping cost. Please, be sure that your order is above our minimum 50 eur. Don't forget to switch currency to eur, because prices in rubbles are regional for Russia.
2. Choose the "Pick up from store" shipping option.
3. After an order will be placed you will get an additional PayPal invoice for shipping.

Most common shipping costs (50% discount included):

 Weight (kg)  Europe   USA and Canada Australia and Brazil
0-1 16 eur 16 eur 20 eur
1-2 17 eur 19 eur 25 eur
2-3 19 eur 22 eur 29 eur
3-4 20 eur 25 eur 33 eur
4-5 22 eur 27 eur 38 eur
5-6 24 eur 30 eur 42 eur
6-7 26 eur 32 eur 46 eur
7-8 28 eur 35 eur 50 eur
8-9 29 eur 37 eur 54 eur
9-10 31 eur 40 eur 58 eur
10-11 33 eur 42 eur 63 eur
(Voab Outpost)
35 eur 45 eur 67 eur
(Boden Trade Sector)
36 eur 47 eur 71 eur
(Armotek Corp Unit)
38 eur 50 eur 75 eur
14-15 40 eur 52 eur 79 eur
15-16 42 eur 55 eur 83 eur
16-17 44 eur 57 eur 87 eur
(Armotek Corp Unit with tiles)
45 eur 60 eur 92 eur
18-19 48 eur 62 eur 96 eur
19-20 49 eur 65 eur 100 eur

If your country is not in the list ask us.
Maximum weight to UK, Spain, Poland, Argentina and Australia is 20 kg. For other countries maximum weight is 30 kg.



When making an order, please choose a payment method:

  1. Money transfer to the Sberbank account. (Available only for Russia and CIS)
    You will get invoice details during the order confirmation.
  2. PayPal.

Don't forget to change your currency at the top of the page (In mobile version open the top menu).

You can enter coupon or gift certificate codes in the shopping cart if you have any. Please note coupon discounts and other special offers are not cumulative.

We start to manufacture the order only after full payment. The time of manufacture depends of its volume and our total workload. It usually takes from couple of days to 1-3 weeks. Specify preliminarily.


We ship worldwide by EMS delivery service.
You can trace your order by using tracking number here.

Shipping cost includes packaging and mailing charges.

When making an order you will see shipping methods available for your region. Shipping cost will be calculated automatically on the basis of the package weight.

We do not calculate, and are not responsible for any customs fees or local taxes. Please be aware that your order may be subject to these, depending on your local laws.

- Russian Post

A default shipping method. The shipping cost for Russia is fixed, regardless of the package weight - 300 rubles. Delivery takes from one week to one month. We recommend to check the status of the shipment by the tracking number from time to time, because Russian Post does not always informs about the shipment delivery. Apart from that we didn’t experience any problems with the Russian Post.

Not available for international shipping.

- EMS delivery service

EMS is fast, reliable and makes door-to-door delivery. The cost is calculated according to the weight of the package.
When choosing this method please put your phone number in the order, so that the courier could contact you. 
Minimum order total for this method is 50 eur.

NOTE: If you don't see EMS option in shipment checkout step, then your order total is not enough.

- Pick up from store

We are placed in Surgut, Russia. If you want to take your order by yourself, choose this option.


Missing parts

If for some reason you’ve got a broken part or some parts are missing, please fill this form.